I have less than 12 hours left in Belfast and I really, really don’t want to leave. Seriously hoping this storm cancels my flight. Desperate to stay here :(

I want to stay here and never go home. I love it here. I am genuinely happy right now :) beyond happy!

I forgot how much I absolutely adore Belfast. Here and London are the 2 cities I want to live in at some point in my life :)

Going to Belfast tomorrow to see Claire and Marty and just get away from all this for a few days :) beyond excited!

I haven’t cried once today :) AND I spoke to him on the phone without breaking down.

He is an absolute tosspot who I certainly don’t need anymore. :)

The only thing I have been able to face eating these last few days is salad. And it has to be fresh. Can’t deal if it’s been sat in the fridge. Babies do weird things to you.